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NEW: APBS Practice Guidelines

View the newly approved APBS Practice Guidelines. This document includes 6 primary domains, their descriptions, and practices within each domain.

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Enhance the quality of life of people across the life-span by joining over 1400 researchers, professionals, and family members to promote evidence-based positive behavior support

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APBS' International Conference on Positive Behavior Support features over 150 oral presentations, posters, pre-conference and skill-building workshops highlighting empirical findings, assessment and intervention methods, current topics, and other aspects of Positive Behavior Support (PBS).

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Find an APBS Network consisting of like-minded professionals, practitioners, and family members in your region or a network corresponding to your area of positive behavior support practice. APBS Networks span the globe, from the U.S.A and Canada, to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

APBS and Positive Behavior Support: Overview Videos and Information

Get started as a leader in affecting positive behavior change for YOUR community. Whether that’s in a school, home or community, the principles of positive behavior support stay the same, but there are specific next steps that can be taken to help bring about better outcomes for all.

Our Mission

Enhance the quality of life of people across the life-span by promoting evidence-based and effective positive behavior support to realize socially valid and equitable outcomes for people, families, schools, agencies, and communities.

Our Vision

Members of APBS across the world will interact with the Association as their primary reliable resource on positive behavior support and view their engagement as personally and professionally beneficial.

Our Statement on Equity

APBS is committed to equity, human rights, and social justice for historically marginalized and oppressed communities, families, practitioners, and students. Our work informs individuals, institutions, and organizations through systems development and strategies to disrupt interpersonal and structural forms of inequity, discrimination, and racism in order to promote equitable and meaningful outcomes for all.

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