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2020/21 Upcoming Webinars

The 2020-2021 webinar schedule will be posted soon. In the meantime, enjoy the 2020 Virtual Conference webinars.

Past APBS Webinars

Past webinars are accessible to APBS members in the Member Webinars and Archives (login required).

Distinguished Speakers

A distinguished presenter is a leader in the field who, based on both their acknowledged expertise in the field and generosity, have either; 1) waived honoraria at an APBS sponsored event, 2) re-directed honoraria from a presentation that they provided to APBS and/or 3) have donated their honoraria following a presentation to APBS. APBS wishes to acknowledge and thank each of the following Distinguished Presenters.


Jeffrey Sprague, Joni Splett, Heather George, Brigid Flannery, Mimi McGrath Kato, Nadia Sampson, Kiki McGough


Greg Benner, Terry Scott, Lynne DeSousa, Rob Horner, Tim Lewis, Allison Bruhn, Rose Lovannone


Ann Turnbull, Angela Preston, Kathleen Ryan Jackson, Brian Gaunt, Kent McIntosh, Maureen Conroy, Meme Hieneman


Steve Goodman, Laura Riffel, Susan Barrett, Lucille Eber, Kelly Perales, Stephanie Martinez, Devon Minch, Jessica Swain-Bradway, Therese Sandomierski, Rachel Freeman


Leanne Hawken, Kent McIntosh, Joe Lucyshyn, Kelsey Morris, Jeff Sprague


Rose Iovannone, Lucille Eber, Chris Borgmeier, Catherine Bradshaw, Sandy Hardee, Lana Asuncion-Bates, Laura Riffel, Kathleen Lynne Lane


Rob Horner, Anne Todd, Terry Scott


Mark Durand