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Getting Started with Positive Behavior Support in Schools for Students

You can play a big role in getting school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) into your school, if you think it’s a good fit:

1. Find Out

2. Build Support

  • Talk with other students about PBIS and whether it might be a good fit for your school. Ask whether they would be interested as well.
  • Talk with your principal about it and see if she or he would be open to it.
  • Talk with teachers. Would they be supportive?
  • Talk with your family members. Ask if they would be interested in advocating for it?

3. Start Small but Think About the Big Picture

  • Start a student group or committee. Find a faculty advisor who can support you.
  • Ask your teachers and other staff about expectations for student behavior. Ask for clarity for rules that are unclear.
  • Try it out. Compliment your teachers and family members for something they did well and see what happens.

4. Take Next Steps

  • Tell more and more people about PBIS and what changes you’d like to see in your school.
  • Suggest to your teachers and administrators that they use a school climate survey that might identify the need for positive approaches in the school.
  • Find resources, such as “How to Get Positive Behavior Support in Your School” to guide you.