1. Before accessing fun and free activities on the Internet, check with your principal or instructional technology department to make sure that downloading programs is allowed in your district. Many districts have controls put on computer systems that are networked to protect the systems from viruses, hackers, and a host of other reasons.
  2. If you are able to download Internet sites, ask a person in the instructional technology person in your building or district if your disk operating and/or network system will support the activities that you want to access. In some cases, computers don't have enough memory to support the programs you want to use. If there is not enough memory, the time it takes to download programs will increase.
  3. You may be able to use a "stand alone" computer (one that is not networked to the district's networking system). "Stand alone" computers will allow your students to participate in computer activities as a reinforcers. Ask you principal if you can use the "stand alone" for this purpose before downloading any new programs.
  4. Find out if you have direct Internet access rather than a dial up access. If you have to use a dial-up network, it may take a lot longer to access activities and download programs. Sometimes computers can be equipped with an Ethernet card which requires a special kind of cable and phone jack. You may want to check to see if you can adapt a computer in your classroom if you are not able to access the Internet directly.
  5. Read the descriptions under each of the websites. It will tell you if you need to download a "flash player" in order to access a program. If you have a newer computer model (e.g., PC Windows 98 or Mac Os, or higher), you shouldn't have any trouble downloading a media player. The type of Internet connection system that you have and the amount of memory on your computer will determine how long it will take to download a "flash player." Macromedia Shockwave™ is a common flash player that is free and takes about nine minutes or longer in order to download. Once flash player is downloaded, it is ready to use and you will not have download it again.
  6. Be prepared to have everything operating prior to offering computer game time as a reinforcer. Students can be impatient and the strength of their reward will decrease if they have to wait a long time to play computer games. If something doesn't work quite right, don't despair. There is usually someone in the building who can help. Even the best technology people chant with their fingers crossed, "Please, please, please technology work."





All kinds of fun activities for kids can be found on this website. There is a game guide and help desk that is easy to use when downloading or playing fun and interactive games. This site is full of surprises. It has cybersitter approval, so you know that the activities are appropriate for early elementary children.



This site is full of kid activities including game, creative works, and learning center. Kids will enjoy playing interactive games by themselves or with a friend. There is a Parent Corner that provides parents with tips and new information on child raising, activities to do at home, and a host of resources.


This has long been a favorite site for kids. This site contains contests, games, clipart, crafts and monthly features in which kids and parents alike will find entertaining. Many of the activities are centered on themes, such as winter holiday, Valentine's, or summer fun.


If your students are Disney fans, they will enjoy playing all kinds of games with their favorite characters. The sound effects are delightful with animated voices from Disney films. Kids Island, Player Blast, and Playhouse are single or multi-player games that are navigated using a mouse or the keyboard arrows.


Kids won't even know that they are learning when they play games on this website. Slimy creatures including worms, roaches, and other types of gooey bugs are accompanied by great sound effects. If you get the right or wrong answer, a creature will tell you. This program does require the ability to control a mouse. A flash player is needed to activate the program and games. Macromedia can be downloaded free of charge. It takes anywhere from 9-15 minutes to download depending on the speed of your server.


Do you have kids who enjoy music? If so, this is the site for them. There are many categories from which to choose that include holiday theme favorites, like Jingle Bells, and newer songs from various different artists. A boom box appears on the web page which students can use to select their tunes. The words to the song appear on the left of the screen and can be printed. You can even make a CD of favorite tunes, but it does cost money so it is important to tell the students not to click the button. You will need a CD burner on or attached to your computer if you want to record any songs.


Need a link? This site is full of links for younger, elementary age children. If your student is a budding artist, he or she will love this site since it is full of coloring, print page instructions that guide professional, yet simple type drawings. Other links include Cartoon Critters, Circle Time, Freezone, and much more. Have fun exploring!!



Kids will have a great time playing challenging games on this website, like "Magic Quest" and "Action Blaster." There are cartoons, activities, and even a teacher area to work on instructional activities. All games come equipped with sound. The games are navigated easily by using a mouse or arrow keys on the computer.


Activities on this site are "ghoulishly" fun. Based on the series of books, "Goosebumps" kids can play a variety of games with their favorite characters. This site features segments from the favorite "Goosebumps" series. Other resources include book central, TV tune in, and card factory.


One of the most fun activities on this site is the MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries. It does require at least a fourth to fifth grade reading level since there is no auditory output. Kids navigate through the mystery, speculating different solutions for each pane of the story. There is a considerable amount of text supported by a few pictures. After answering the questions at the end of a pane, there is a list of percentages from kids identifying who they thought, "did it." If you can't figure out the solution, there is a box for a "quick solution" to the mystery.


This site has many different types of action games that are operated by arrows on the keyboard. It also has videos where animated cartoon characters talk to each other in print. Kids who read at the fourth to sixth grade level and speed won't have a problem following the story line. As the videos or games are downloaded, music and objects appear and disappear that makes anticipation levels rise. It requires a flashplayer (i.e., Macromedia Shockwave) to access the games and videos.



With a hip hop tune playing in the background, students will find enjoyment in mixing and matching celebrity faces by changing their eyes, mouths, faces, and noses. There are a host of celebrities from which to choose to make a celebrity face creation, as well as a celebrity wheel.


This website is chalk full of games, jokes, and articles. Sound effects add to everyone's enjoyment. Categories include; board games, word games, sports games, card games, and other games, such as pool, maze, and dominoes. Most of the games can be played with one or two players. Mouse proficiency is required. It takes about three minutes to download games.