18th International Virtual Conference on Positive Behavior Support. March 17-19, 2021



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Classcraft helps educators with PBIS initiatives improve student behavior and school climate by fostering intrinsic motivation, maintaining consistency, and generating insights to support at-risk students.

Contact: juliepaquette@classcraft.com
Address: 165 Wellington N #220
Sherbrooke QC J1H5B9
web: classcraft.com
tel: 819-300-6294

Florida Tech

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Florida Tech is your premier choice for behavior analysis education and training. Our university has among the highest pass rates for the BACB certification exam. Florida Tech consistently ranks among the best universities in the country with U.S. News & World Report. Join us today! Please visit us at floridatech.edu/behavior.

Address: 150 West University Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901
tel: 321-961-7424
Email: sayers@FIT.edu

Partners in Learning

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We offer PBIS implementers and K-12 schools eye-catching visual identity and impactful messaging graphics to reinforce positive, predictable, safe environments for everyone in all school settings. “When you walk into any PBIS school, you should expect to see core values and positive expectations visually displayed in the first 5 seconds” -Rob Horner

Contact: tomsharrit@gmail.com
Address: 9865 Mesa Rim Road Ste 203
San Diego, CA 92121
web: https://www.pbis-custom-graphics.com/
tel: (800) 544-0844

PBIS Rewards

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PBIS Rewards simplifies your schoolwide PBIS management. The digital token economy makes it fun and easy to acknowledge student behavior. Our features include store and event management, raffles, Workplace Rewards for Teachers, Advanced Referral System, Check-In/Check-Out, Student SEL Check, and a suite of PBIS apps - the mobility to recognize any student, anywhere!

Contact: Leighann.jenkins@motivatingsystems.com
Address: 223 NW 2nd St, Ste 300
Evansville, IN 47708-1221
web: https://www.motivatingsystems.com
tel: (812) 434-6675

QBS Inc.

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QBS Inc., a leading national consulting and behavioral training company, offers Safety-Care™ Behavioral Safety Training. Safety-Care is founded upon principles and procedure of Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavioral Supports, training staff in evidence-based practices toward the prevention, minimization, and management of behavioral challenges.

Contact: Patty Pruden Lennox
Address: 49 Plain Street, Suite 200
North Attleboro, MA 02760
web: qbscompanies.com
tel: 508-316-4223