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How to Logon to APBS Webinars

You will receive a link to the online Webinar in your notification from Webex along with a password to access the Webinar. Use this link to log in to the Webinar. Please make sure that you allow yourself at least 10-15 minutes to log in prior to the start of the webinar to solve any potential difficulties. You must log in to the webinar through an Apple or PC desktop or laptop computer – the webinar is not accessible through smart phone or tablet computers.

To log in to the online Webinar, click on the link provided to you in your Webex Notification. Once you click the link you will see the screen below. Fill in your first and last name, the e-mail address used to register for the webinar and the password you received in your invitation. Passwords are case sensitive. Click Join Now.

view of the login screen

You will then see this screen while a new window for the Webinar is opened. Please note that it may take several minutes to load the Webinar.

alert box

Once the online Webinar has been initiated, the main Webinar screen will appear. The Panel buttons pictured below allow you to participate in the Webinar. They will usually (but not always) be found in the top right corner of the screen. You should make note of their location when the screen appears.

view of chat buttons

Each button is associated with a Panel (Participants, Chat, Q&A) and clicking on that button will open and close that panel. The Q&A panel will not be used in the Webinar, so you may close that at any time.

The Participants panel displays the names of the Webinar Host and Panelists. In addition, once the presenter’s webcam is activated, the presenter’s image will appear in that Panel.

Be sure the Chat panel is also visible on the screen so you can communicate with the Panelist and Session Host. The Panelist will be moderating questions for the Presenter using the Chat panel.

Notice the small blue triangle on the blue Participants banner. Clicking that triangle will maximize and minimize the panel.

view of participants panel

Plan to arrive early to ensure you have the panels open and ready to participate in the Webinar. The diagram to the right is the optimal arrangement of panels:

view of panels

Need additional help?

  • If you have technical questions about system requirements, visit the Webex web site.
  • If you have technical difficulties during the webinar, call 1-866-229-3239. Refer to the Event Number shown in your invitation.
  • If you have additional questions, email webinarhost@apbs.org for assistance.