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Request for Proposals for Strategic Planning Services

Request for Proposal (RFP) Announcement

The Association for Positive Behavior Support (APBS) is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to facilitate a strategic planning process. The successful bidder will work closely with a Strategic Planning Committee consisting of the Executive Director and several board members to develop the specific details and logistics of the planning process.

Proposal Deadline

Required: View the APBS Orientation Webinar (see below).

Submission Deadline: 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Friday, May 17, 2019


by email, to crystal.andrezze@apbs.org

Detailed Guidelines/Instructions (PDF)

Full Request for Proposal Document

APBS Orientation Webinar, April 23, 2019

Slides from the Webinar


APBS is an international membership organization that engages in varied activities and endeavors related to Positive Behavior Support. Beyond expanding the science of Positive Behavior Support through research and outreach endeavors, APBS further invests its resources in supporting networking related to the design and implementation of Positive Behavior Support across varied contexts (including but not limited to, school contexts). As such, APBS is primarily a scientifically oriented organization that is also heavily invested in networking. APBS also supports (on a more limited basis) policy related endeavors associated with Positive Behavior Support. Additional information related to APBS may be obtained by visiting www.apbs.org.

Contact Information

All inquiries regarding this proposal and the final proposal should be submitted via email to: Timothy P. Knoster, Ed.D., Executive Director, tknoster@bloomu.edu.

Scope of Services

The successful bidder will be able to provide these services:

  • a. Close Collaboration. Work closely with the Executive Director and the Strategic Planning Committee to develop specific details of the planning process, including the timeline, logistics, and the look and feel of the deliverables. The Planning Committee expects the opportunity to provide suggestions and feedback with respect to the content and structure of both stakeholder engagement and board planning sessions.

  • b. Stakeholder Engagement. Engage stakeholders including, but not limited to, targeted current and past board members (both elected and ex-officio) to inform the strategic planning process. Additional stakeholders may include targeted leaders in the field of Positive Behavior Support that are, as well, members of APBS as well as targeted APBS consultant staff. The projected number of stakeholders to be engaged outside of the context of the Board Planning Session (see below) is between 15 – 20 individuals most of whom are members of APBS. Stakeholder engagement may consist of surveys or interviews. Your proposal should describe how you will engage stakeholders, the anticipated time an individual stakeholder might have to commit, and how you will provide the results of the stakeholder input.

  • c. Board Planning Sessions. Conduct one strategic planning session with the board of directors that is currently comprised on 18 elected members, 13 ex-officio members and up to 10 consultative staff. The target group for the Board Planning Session would include the current 18 elected board members as well as targeted consultant and ex-officio staff with the size of the group not to exceed 25 people. It is projected that a full 8 hour time frame could be dedicated to the Board Planning Session on March 9, 2020 (in Miami Florida which is the site of the annual APBS conference in 2020). It is up to you to outline in your proposal the content and the outcome(s) of the session(s). The board session will likely take place in conjunction with the 2020 annual conference but, if necessary, occur at a different date. Other sessions could also be virtual with a few additional targeted members of APBS. Overall planning outcomes should include the creation of corporate mission, vision, and value statements as well as strategic goals, strategies, and key performance indicators reflective of the recently revised mission statement and organizational description:

    Mission Statement
    The mission of APBS is to enhance the quality of life of people, across the life-span, by promoting evidence-based and effective positive behavior support to realize socially valid and equitable outcomes for people, families, schools, agencies, and communities.

    The Association for Positive Behavior Support is a multidisciplinary organization made up of professionals (teachers, researchers, university professors, and administrators), family members, and consumers who are committed to the application of positive behavior support within the context of the school, family, and community including across systems (e.g., entire schools, organizations), for small groups, and for individuals with complex needs for support.

Questions Received on this RFP with Answers from APBS

Please note: As questions are asked by parties interested in submitting a proposal for this RFP, APBS will publish both the question on the RFP and our answer in the space below.