Assoication for Positive Behavior Support. 7th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support. March 25-27, 2010 St. Louis MO. The Expanding World of PBS: Science, Values and Vision

Information for Volunteers

Much Appreciation to the Volunteers of the 2010 Conference

We wish to thank the 74 volunteers who committed their time and energies to ensuring that the 2010 APBS Conference was a huge success!

  • Reesha Adamson
  • Amanda Adkins
  • Shonda Anderson
  • Buffi Ayyagari
  • Gwenda Barton
  • Laura Basler
  • Terry Bigby
  • Domina Blount
  • Swatee Borkar
  • Susan Bowles
  • Faith Bowman
  • Linda Bradley
  • Susan Brawley
  • Gerry Brunton
  • Deb Childs
  • Caya Chiu
  • Maureen Clark
  • Wendy Daugherty
  • Terry Day
  • Carrie Edgar
  • Catherine Elledge
  • Grace Francis
  • Melanie French
  • Nick Gage
  • John Gardner
  • Melissa Garvin
  • Cassy Gilchrist
  • Barbara Griggs
  • Peter Griggs
  • Robyn Haenisch
  • Summer Hamilton
  • Katie Hargrove
  • Donna Hooper
  • Emily House
  • Christine Hubek
  • Nimra Khan
  • Pat Kimbrough
  • Julia LePage
  • Corey Liebowitz
  • Debora Lintner
  • Sheri Luecking
  • Michelle Lyons-Brown
  • Erica Mason
  • Donald Maybell, Jr.
  • Jenni McKnight
  • William McKnight
  • Christine Micheals
  • Jill Miller
  • Billy Mims
  • Barbara Mitchell
  • Lea Ann Pasquale
  • Julie Peterman
  • Annessia Powell
  • Carrie Pummill
  • Kelly Ralston
  • Mona Reid
  • Robert Rethemeyer
  • Ann Robertson
  • Kelcey Schmitz
  • Abby Schwalje
  • Debbie Sheary
  • Angela Shoemake
  • Eddie Stacy
  • Debbie Stiles
  • Kimberly Thier
  • Gita Upreti
  • Belinda Von Behren
  • Shelley Welby
  • Karen Westhoff
  • Brenda Wiley
  • Shawnett Williams
  • Jamie Wolfe
  • Whitney Wolfe
  • Christopher Wright

Also, we wish to recognize Karen Childs, Stephanie Martinez and Mary Richter for jumping in and helping at the last minute.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Seventh International Conference on Positive Behavior Support has a limited number of volunteer opportunities. Volunteers must agree to perform nine (9) hours of volunteer time in exchange for a free conference registration (Thursday and Friday only - workshops are extra).

Volunteer opportunities include (click on each job for a description):

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Information Table

Volunteers will be available to answer attendees’ questions regarding the conference, the hotel, St. Louis, and APBS.

Session Host

Volunteers greet presenters and offer to distribute handouts (as needed), remind presenters to introduce themselves prior to starting their presentation, assist with equipment setup or troubleshooting (as needed) and sign in and out on BCBA forms if applicable.

Poster Session Aide

Volunteers help poster presenters find the location(s) of their poster spots, assist in the hanging of posters as requested, provide push pins, keep track of posters by signing in the presenters, keep other conference attendees out until the poster session opens, and assist with clean-up/tear-down once the poster session ends.


Volunteers assist pre-registered conference attendees at the check-in desk.  Tasks include: finding name badges, distributing conference materials bag and explaining the contents, reminding participants of when the exhibits and poster session are open and where they are located, answering other general questions about the conference.


Volunteers help direct conference attendees to various event locations throughout the conference.  These people will help the attendees find the registration desk, the exhibit area, the poster session or even a hard-to-find session room.

Credit Sign-In Desk

Volunteers present two credit options to attendees (certificate of attendance or CEUs for Board Certified Behavior Analysts) and answer questions related to getting credit for the various sessions.  People working this desk will be responsible for collecting BCBA sign-in forms and the processing fee as well as distributing certificates of attendance at the end of the conference.