4th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support. The Expanding World of PBS: Science, Values, and Vision. March 8-10, 2007. Boston, MA. Association for Positive Behavior Support.

Information on Accessing Funds to Support Family Participation in the 4th International Conference on PBS:

Every state has a Council on Developmental Disabilities.  The Councils were established through the Developmental Disabilities Act, which requires the Administration on Developmental Disabilities to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and supports they need and participate in the planning and designing of those services.  These councils fund a number of projects and activities.

One activity DD Council’s fund is conference attendance to help families gain information on how to advocate for and support their children.  The link below takes you to the State Councils on Developmental Disabilities’ page.  If you want more information about DD Councils click on the link that says “Councils on Developmental Disabilities Program Fact Sheet.

If you want to go straight to your states’ address list:

1. Highlight, copy, and past this link into your internet browser http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/add/states/ddcs.html or

2. Click the link and it should take you the State Councils on Developmental Disabilities’ page

3. Once on the page, scroll down and find your state in alphabetical order or

4. Click on the A-I, J-O, P-U, or V-Z alpha series, under the title “Listing of State Councils on DD,” that contains the first letter of your state.  The link will take you to that alphabetical group.  For instance if your state is “Ohio” click on J-O and then scroll down to Ohio.

5. You may also use your internet search engine to look for your DD Council.  Type in your search engine the name of your state and the “DD Council.”  It might look like this “Ohio DD Council.”  That should bring up your council.  Click on the link provided by the search.

Regardless of how you get to your state DD Council, call or email them about a small grant to attend a state or national conference.  They will help you access and complete the right form to apply for this money.  They will explain what you need to send to them after the conference.