5th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support. March 27-29, 2008. Chicago, IL. The Expanding World of PBS: Science, Values, and Vision. Association for Positive Behavior Support.

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Sessions approved for BCBA Credits

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Featured, Invited, Tutorial and Workshop Presentations and Networking Sessions for the 2008 APBS Conference

APBS Conference Networking Sessions

All sessions will be held on Friday, March 28 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. The topics and session leaders are listed below:

Website - Rachel Freeman

Individual Supports - Rob Horner

Classrooms - Laura Riffel

District and State Coordination of School-Wide Systems - Heather George

Autism - Glen Dunlap

Training - Don Kincaid

Advocacy - Linda Bambara

Featured Presentations

Note: These sessions will take place through out the two-day conference.

Overcoming Daily Obstacles to Effective PBS: Tips and Tales from the Trenches
            Nila Benito and Shari Krishnan

Optimistic Parenting: Hope and Help for the Challenging Child
            V. Mark Durand and Meme Hieneman

Implementation: The Secret to Using Science in Human Service Settings
            Dean L. Fixsen

Getting to Lasting Change: Systemic Lessons from the World of Work
            Darnell Lattal

Families of Children with Disabilities: What Meta-analysis Tells Us
            George Singer

Early Intervention and Brain Development in Autism
            Travis Thompson

Invited Presentations

Note: These sessions will take place through out the two-day conference.

Systems-Level PBS in Adult Services: Lessons Being Learned
            Rick Albin

Combining Behavioral and Biomedical Science to Understand and Treat Recurrent Pediatric Headaches
            Keith Allen

IES/NCSER: Grant Funding Opportunities and Grant Writing Workshop (session in two parts)
            Jackie Buckley

Indicator of Parent-Child Interaction (IPCI): A Progress Monitoring Tool for Early Intervention
            Judy Carta

Empirical Evaluation of a Targeted Group Intervention: Check, Connect & Expect Project
            Douglas Cheney and Lori Lynass

Using Teams to Implement Tertiary Supports
            Carol Davis

Mental Health System Transformation, Family-Driven Care and PBS
            Albert J. Duchnowski

Building Capacity at the Tertiary Tier of School-wide Systems of PBS
            Lucille Eber

Randomized Control Trial of First Steps to Success Intervention for Behavior Problems
            Ed Feil

Positive Behavior Support Goes to Preschool: The Pyramid Model
            Lise Fox

Having a Go and Making Do: Implementing Family-Centered Behavior Supports Down Under
            Susana Gavidia-Payne

Secondary Level Interventions in Secondary Settings
            Leanne S. Hawken and Jason J. Burrow-Sanchez

Establishing a Positive Social Culture: The Heart of School-wide Positive Behavior Support
            Rob Horner

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Model: A Tertiary Process that Really Works in Schools
            Rose Iovannone

Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders: All Systems Still Failing
            Lee Kern

It’s A Pleasure Meeting You Again!  Rediscovering My Son through Musical Journeys
            Shari Krishnan

Targeted Interventions in Elementary Schools: Improving Story Writing Skills of Students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders
            Kathleen Lynne Lane, Karen Harris and Steve Graham

Building School-based Systems to Support Small Group/Targeted Interventions for At-Risk Students
            Tim Lewis

Transforming Parent-Child Interaction in Family Routines: Promise, Challenges and Practice Implications
            Joe Lucyshyn

Project DATA: 10 Years of Preschool Services for Children with ASD
            Ilene Schwartz

The Role of Effective Instruction Across the Pyramid: Issues and Examples
            Terry Scott

Implementing School-wide PBS in Secondary Schools: The Foundation for Effective Prevention
            Jeff Sprague

The National Behavior Research Coordination Center (NBRCC): Overview and Preliminary Findings
            Mary Wagner


Note: These sessions will take place through out the two-day conference.

Designing Effective Classrooms
            Cynthia M. Anderson

From 60 to 600: The Perfect Storm
            Susan Barrett

IDEIA and Evidence-based Interventions: Implications for Practitioners
            Ronnie Detrich

Teaching Social Skills to Students with Autism Using Self-Management and Related Antecedent Interventions
            Bill Frea

Establishing a System to Appropriately Identify, Assess, and Evaluate PBS Model/Exemplar Schools
            Heather Peshak George

School-Wide Positive Behavior Support in a Non-Public (Alternative) School Setting
            Brandi Simonsen

Skill-Building Workshops

Note: All workshops will take place on Saturday, March 29, 2008.  Admittance to these sessions can be purchased in addition to your regular conference registration.

Implementation of Positive Behavior Supports at the High School Level: Three Tiers of Prevention and Support
            Hank Bohanon

Strengthening School-Wide PBS by Engaging Families at all Levels of Intervention
            Karen Childs and Meme Hieneman

Development and Implementation of Social Skills Groups for Children with Asperger Syndrome
            Kelley Harrison Pistachio

Preparing School Administrators to Participate in the School-wide Behavior Support Process
            Don Kincaid

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Supports for Problem Behavior in Individuals with Autism
            Pat Mirenda

Mistakes (and Remedies) in Addressing Behavior Problems in the Classroom
            C. Michael Nelson and Mary Margaret Kerr

Wraparound as a Tertiary Level Process in School-wide Systems of PBS
            Jayne O’Brien

Writing Behavioral Intervention Plans Based on Functional Behavior Assessments
            Laura Riffel

Advanced SWIS Facilitator Workshop
            Anne Todd, Celeste Dickey and Nadia Sampson

A Practical Guide for Implementing PBS in the Classroom
            Michelle White and Kim Hermann