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Re-adoption of SWPBIS Following Abandonment: A Mixed-Methods Examination

Agenda Number: Poster 109

Angus Kittelman, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, Kathleen Strickland-Cohen, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX, Sarah Pinkelman, Utah State University, Logan, UT, Kent McIntosh, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR


There is a growing body of research examining factors that contribute to the sustained implementation of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports (SWPBIS) as well as its abandonment. In addition to implementation and abandonment, there are situations in which schools implement SWPBIS, abandon it, and then restart implementation at a later time. The variables at play during these “re-adoption” scenarios have received less attention in the literature. This poster will describe the results of a study examining variables that may affect the re-adoption of SWPBIS. A subset of participants from a large-scale sustainability grant were surveyed regarding the re-adoption of SWPBIS in their school. From these data, qualitative analyses were conducted to identify common themes related to re-adoption.

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Independence AB

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Thursday, February 21, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm