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APBS 2017 Keynote

APBS 2017 Keynote Speaker V. Mark Durand, Ph.D.

V. Mark Durand, Ph.D. APBS 2017 Keynote Speaker

V. Mark Durand is known worldwide as an authority in the area of autism spectrum disorder. He is the interim Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and professor of psychology at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, where he was the founding Dean of Arts & Sciences and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. He has received more than 4 million dollars in federal funding since the beginning of his career. Dr. Durand is currently a member of the Professional Advisory Board for the Autism Society of America and was co-editor of the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, and has more than 125 publications. His books include two textbooks on abnormal psychology that have been translated into 10 languages and used in more than 1,000 universities world-wide. His other books include the multiple national award winning Optimistic Parenting: Hope and Help for You and Your Challenging Child, and most recently, Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Guide for General Practitioners. He was named a 2014 Princeton Lecture Series Fellow and received the 2015 Jacobson Award for Critical Thinking from the American Psychological Association for his body of work in the field of autism spectrum disorder.