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APBS Volunteer Recognition

Ashley Rila

Ms. Ashley Rila

Ms. Ashley Rila
Doctoral Candidate
University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

Ashley Rila

The Community and Network Development Opportunities (CANDO) Committee would like to recognize one of our APBS members for their extraordinary volunteer services: Ashley Rila.

Ashley is a member of the APBS Student Network and serves on the CANDO Committee. Ashley has worked with APBS Student Network leader and board member, Sarah Wilkinson on the revision of a poster rubric for scoring of the Student Poster submissions to our annual conference, planning Conference activities to encourage student participation, attending and participating fully in meetings of the CANDO Committee, and being extremely helpful in recommending ideas for increasing APBS Student Memberships. We are fortunate to have Ashley on our CANDO Committee and value her contributions!

Thank you, Ashley, for your outstanding volunteer service in support of APBS!

Kelcey Schmitz

Ms. Kelcey Schmitz

Ms. Kelcey Schmitz
MTSS/School Mental Health Training and TA Specialist
University of Washington School Mental Health Assessment, Research, and Training (SMART) Center
Seattle, WA

Kelcey Schmitz

The Training and Education Committee is pleased to recognize Kelcey Schmitz for her extraordinary volunteer service providing social media management.

Kelcey has raised awareness of APBS via several social media channels and her invaluable service to the TEC and APBS for the past two years, particularly around conference time, has put APBS and the conference on the social media map! In her management of social media communication, Kelcey brought together a team, created standards and a plan, and got APBS out there.

Thank you, Kelcey, for your critical contributions and outstanding volunteer service to APBS!

Skip Kumm

Mr. SKip Kumm

Mr. Skip Kumm
Doctoral Candidate
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Skip Kumm
The Public Awareness and Dissemination (PAD) Committee, along with the Student Network Advisory Board, wishes to recognize Skip Kumm as an Outstanding APBS Member Volunteer.

Skip is a doctoral student at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He serves as a student member of APBS and volunteers with the Public Awareness and Dissemination Committee as a student member. Skip regularly attends monthly meetings and looks for additional service obligations. Most recently, Skip worked diligently to review and edit scripts for the new APBS videos. He has provided timely and important commentary and revisions.

Skip has also been an active member of the Student Network Advisory Board. He calls in to monthly meetings and has contributed to the many projects this group has been working on, including preparations for the 16th International Conference on Positive Behavior Support.

We thank Skipp Kumm for his outstanding volunteer service to the Association for Positive Behavior Support!

Tara Davis

Tara L. Davis, M.A. & NCSP

Tara L. Davis, M.A. & NCSP
School Climate Specialist
Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency (MRESA)
Smyrna, Georgia

Tara Davis
Ms. Tara Davis, a devoted practitioner of Positive Behavior Support and the PBIS Framework, has been an active volunteer on the Training and Education Committee (TEC) for several years. She attends most of the virtual meetings, and, even more impressive, she consistently volunteers to participate in activities. For the last two years, Tara has assisted the TEC by scoring nominee applications for the Ted Carr Initial Practitioner and Initial Researcher awards. This activity required Tara to review multiple materials associated with each nominee and use a rubric to score the nominee's performance on several components. In addition, she participated in numerous virtual meetings to discuss the results and provide feedback in selecting the final awardees. Tara has also volunteered to review new and adapted policies and procedures being addressed by the TEC and provide feedback. Tara's feedback is consistently on target and provides the TEC with a practitioner's perspective that is of high value. Tara is well-deserving of recognition and thanks for her volunteer service.</p>

Thank you, Tara, for your outstanding volunteer service in support of APBS!

Sheri Luecking

Sheri Luecking, MSW, LCSW

Sheri Luecking, MSW, LCSW
Midwest PBIS Network, Lisle, IL

Sheri Luecking
Sheri Luecking is a Co-Leader of the Midwest-Illinois PBIS Network. As a leader of this APBS Network, Sheri created and currently facilitates a Rural PBIS Implementation Work Group, and she leads a Train-the-Trainer model of implementation support. Sheri has been a major voice in the APBS community in expanding preventive practices to include classroom-based behavior and academic support strategies. Her leadership has contributed to the development and implementation of more accessible and effective training events for APBS leaders involved with training associated with the PBIS framework. Sheri regularly serves as a volunteer during the annual APBS conference in many roles, including poster session aide, customer service provider and/or session host. Volunteering at the APBS conference fits with Sheri's worldview that supporting others makes one a more fulfilled person and the world a better place.

Thank you, Sheri, for your outstanding volunteer service in support of APBS!

Nanette Perrin

Nanette Perrin, Ph.D. BCBA

Nanette L Perrin, PhD, BCBA-D
Director of Pathways
LifeShare, Overland Park, KS

Nanette Perrin
The Training and Education Committee is pleased to recognize Dr. Nanette Perrin for her extraordinary volunteer service as APBS Coordinator of BCBA Continuing Education Credits associated with both the APBS Annual Conference and our ongoing webinars. For the past several years, Nan has invested a significant amount of time and effort in both reviewing conference and webinar proposals to determine whether each meets various criteria to award BCBA CEUs and processing the necessary paperwork associated with the award of CEUs earned by participants. The award of CEUs is an important feature of professional development offered through APBS, and Nan’s exemplary efforts in this regard are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Nanette, for your outstanding volunteer work in support of APBS!

Michael Lombardo

Michael Lombardo

Mr. Michael Lombardo
Director, Interagency Facilitation &
PBIS Program Director
Placer County Office of Education
Auburn, California

Michael Lombardo
The Training and Education Committee nominated Michael Lombardo for recognition as an APBS member volunteer who has made significant contributions to the Organization. An active member of APBS since 2012, Michael serves as Primary Contact for our APBS California Network. Recently, Michael has provided extraordinary effort and outreach throughout the California Network to recruit volunteers for our 13th International Conference on PBS. Both the number and quality of our conference volunteers this past year positively impacted the success of our conference in San Francisco, and we are pleased to acknowledge Michael’s recruitment efforts in support of APBS.

Thank you, Michael, for your outstanding volunteer work in support of APBS!

Meme Hieneman

Dr. Meme Hieneman
Positive Behavior Support Applications
Palm Harbor, FL

Meme Hieneman
The Dissemination Committee in concert with the Family Workgroup, with much enthusiasm, nominate Meme Hieneman, Ph.D., BCBA-D, for recognition as an APBS member volunteer who has made significant contributions to APBS. Meme plays an important role as both mentor to workgroup members and leader in the development and achievement of workgroup goals and objectives. She has made significant contributions to the advancement of APBS, and continues to empower APBS members and the general public about the philosophy and practice of PBS with families.

Thank you, Meme, for your outstanding volunteer work in support of APBS!

Barry McCurdy

Dr. Barry McCurdy
Devereux Center for Effective Schools
King of Prussia, PA

Barry McCurdy
The Dissemination Committee would like to recognize Barry McCurdy for his efforts in hosting visitors from abroad and providing guidance and information on the application of PBS to support children involved with child protective services and system level application.

Thank you, Barry, for your outstanding volunteer work in support of the mission of APBS!

Randall De Pry & Matt Tincani

Dr. Randall De Pry
Dept. of Special Education
Portland State Uinversity
Portland, OR

Dr. Matt Tincani
College of Education
Temple University
Philadelphia, PA

Randall De Pry
After successfully completing multiple years as an elected member of the APBS Board of Directors and the Executive Committee in various offices, Randy has continued to serve APBS through his position as Editor of the APBS Newsletter. This service requires considerable time and commitment on an on-going basis throughout the year as this quarterly publication brings relevant information and organizational news to our membership.</p>

Matt Tincani
After successfully completing a three-year elected term on the APBS Board of Directors, Matt has continued to serve APBS through facilitation of the awarding of the annual E.G. “Ted” Carr Initial Researcher Award. This service requires considerable time and commitment throughout the course of each year culminating with selection and announcement of award winners in conjunction with our annual conference.

Thank you Randall and Matt for your outstanding volunteer work in support of APBS!

Kate Dooley & Shanna Hirsch

Kate Dooley
Student APBS Memmber
University of Connecticut

Shanna Hirsch
Student APBS Memeber
University of Virginia

Kate Dooley & Shanna Hirsch
The Training and Education Committee of APBS has nominated Kate and Shanna for recognition of their excellent work in designing and implementing the process for recruiting, judging and awarding the Student Poster Award at the annual International Conference on PBS.

Thank you Kate and Shanna for your outstanding volunteer work in support of APBS!