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Community and Network Development Opportunities (CANDO)

Description of Committee

Community and Network Development Opportunities Committee (CANDO) is responsible for developing and supporting the interests of all groups within the organization (i.e., our members). Membership groups include but are not limited to families, students, early career academics & practitioners, mental health practitioners, international members/groups, and more! These member groups may be attached to professional learning communities (PLC’s), ad hoc committees, or ex-officio and elected board member appointments. In addition to supporting and responding to the unique needs or members, the CANDO committee is the homebase for established APBS Networks. CANDO supports established APBS Networks (more information on networks can be found here) through facilitating connections among our networks, APBS board members, practitioners, ad hoc groups, APBS professional consultants, and PLCs. CANDO develops and maintains systems and processes to provide established APBS Networks and PLCs with project-specific financial assistance. Additionally, this committee (in conjunction with other committees, groups, consultants, etc.) reviews and aims to address issues of interest to our membership such as conference attendance fees, membership fees, member benefits, etc.

List of members and how to get involved

CANDO co-chairs

Dianna Yip, Scott Ross

APBS staff/consultants serving CANDO

Gretchen Hess, Ilene Page, Ashley MacSuga-Gage

CANDO members

Adam Feinberg, Normand St. Georges, Marian Alaba, Joe Roselle, Kaci Ellis, Shiralee Poed, Pei-Yu Chen, Brooke Wagner, Marney Pollack, Sarah Wilkinson, Chanda Telleen

Sample of work occurring and resources

Student and Early Career PLC

  • Support student members and members who are early in their academic career through regular activities such as monthly online writing retreats

International PLC

  • Support international members to get involved and engaged through regular meetings and special activities. A good example is facilitating the development of the international strand APBS conference during the pandemic to allow international folks to join when traveling was not possible
  • Special reception for international participants to meet and greet during APBS conferences

Network Support and Development

  • Support groups in different states, regions, countries, and topical areas to become established APBS networks. For more information, including the APBS Network application, please visit the Networks information page.
  • Host specific network events and facilitate opportunities for formal and informal connections during APBS conferences and events.
  • Provide established APBS Networks with support through expertise and financial grants, stipends, etc. (when possible) on an ongoing basis.